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Top 5 Benefits of Charcoal Bristles

You may have seen charcoal being added into more and more oral hygiene routines, but why? What does charcoal have to do with maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile for life? Charcoal is being incorporated into many toothbrush designs...and for good reason. Much like traditional toothbrushes, charcoal toothbrushes look and work virtually the same, but the difference lies in the bristles, which are infused with activated charcoal. Not only does brushing with a charcoal toothbrush impact the overall look of your smile, it does more than you think. So, why should you start thinking about adding in charcoal to your oral hygiene routine and how will it affect you?

Here are the top five benefits of charcoal bristles.

1. A Whiter Smile

It seems as though everyone wants to have a bright white smile these days and it's no surprise why! White smiles signify healthy, beautiful teeth that you can flash confidently to whoever you meet. Well, charcoal bristles can help you achieve just that! The activated charcoal found in charcoal toothbrushes actually whitens teeth as you brush. You see, bacteria-capturing elements found in charcoal help to not only remove harmful bacteria, these elements also help to lift stains caused by the following:

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Wine

  • Soda

  • Tomato sauces

The whitening power of charcoal increases significantly when brushing, making charcoal toothbrushes a popular choice among many.

2. A Healthier Smile

Charcoal bristles work by absorbing bacteria, as opposed to just pushing it around the teeth (and not actually getting rid of it). By eliminating as much bacteria in the mouth as possible, your chances of developing plaque are less, meaning a decrease in your chances of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease. Most problems in the mouth stem from a build-up of bacteria, so reducing this as much as you can helps to avoid problems later on.

3. Better Breath

Charcoal bristles also help to reduce bad breath. Due to the fact that there is less bacteria in the mouth, your breath remains fresh and your smile stays healthy. The main culprit of bad breath is, again, a build-up of bacteria. Charcoal bristles do a fine job of eliminating that, so that you can maintain fresher breath and cleaner teeth.

4. Less Mess

Often times, when people hear about charcoal, they immediately assume that it's a messy process, but not with charcoal bristles. Charcoal powder by itself can be messy, which can cause you to spend more time in the bathroom while you're getting ready for work or for bed. Charcoal bristles have charcoal powder already built into them, so that there's no mess and no stress when you're trying to get ready for the day.

5. Easy to Maintain

Unlike electric toothbrushes, which need to be charged properly before use, charcoal toothbrushes are easy to clean, store and maintain, making them a breeze to use. No added steps are required to ensure that your charcoal toothbrush is maintained; however, like any other type of toothbrush, it's recommended to switch them out every month to ensure that you're getting the most out of them and you're keeping your smile healthy.

So, if you're looking for a product that comes with a wide variety of benefits, you may want to consider a toothbrush with charcoal bristles. After all, your smile is an important part of who you are, so be sure to take care of it with the right products.

Dr. D'Amico's Eco-Friendly Products is excited to help you maintain proper oral hygiene and a sparkling smile! Visit to learn more about our eco-friendly, bamboo toothbrushes!

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