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The Importance of Flossing

You may have found yourself sitting in the dentist's chair getting a lecture about regular flossing habits. Sure,'ll get to it eventually. It can't be that important, right? Wrong! Flossing is an extremely important part of your oral hygiene routine and unfortunately, it tends to get thrown by the wayside way too often. When it comes to maintaining the health of your smile and your body, your oral hygiene plays a big part in all of it. Flossing should be an integral part of your everyday oral hygiene practices, and some of the reasons may surprise you.

Let us explain the importance of flossing...

Why Flossing Matters

Flossing should be a daily excuses. You may feel as though since you brush twice a day, that's enough, but it's not. Brushing alone can't keep your teeth as healthy as possible. You need something more. This is where flossing comes into practice. Flossing helps to remove hard-to-reach food particles and helps to break up plaque build-up in between the teeth. Remember our blog from last month? Plaque is unwelcome in the mouth! Since flossing helps to eliminate the bacteria found in plaque, it is an important step in the fight against gum disease, bleeding gums, tooth and bone loss and receding gums.

Benefits of Flossing

You may think that all flossing does is remove the food that is stuck in between the teeth, but there are more benefits associated with flossing. Flossing not only helps to keep your smile healthy, it also does more than you realize when it comes to your overall health. Other benefits of flossing include:

  • Reduces the risk of developing heart disease

  • Helps improve appearance

  • Freshens breath

  • Stops tooth decay in between the teeth

By incorporating flossing into your everyday routine, you're not only improving the health of your smile, but the health of your body as well. That's why taking a couple of minutes to floss each day is so important!

How to Floss Properly

If you're not too experienced with flossing, you may not even know how to perform the task properly. There are many products available to aid in flossing, and whether you are using traditional waxed floss or an electric flosser, it's recommended to floss at least once a day.

If you're utilizing traditional floss, simply thread a piece between your thumbs and index fingers, then gently glide the floss in a C formation in between each tooth until you have cleaned your entire mouth. If you're using an electric flossing device, be sure to read the instructions carefully before use, so that you can ensure you're using the device properly and getting your teeth as clean as possible.

Flossing & Your Oral Hygiene Routine

If you want to keep your smile shining and take advantage of the benefits that go along with regular (and proper) flossing, then be sure to keep up with this practice each and every day. Not only will you guarantee a cleaner mouth, you'll reduce your risk of developing serious health problems later on. So, take two minutes or so each day to floss. That's all the time it takes to ensure your smile stays healthy!

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