Restoring forests after fires & floods

California's Forest Fire Season is Here

It is with a heavy heart that we observe California's forest fires right now. 330 different fires have been recorded in the state in the past 24 hours, with the Kincade fire in Sonoma County among the most severe. Over 74,000 acres have burned in just that fire.

While California's landscapes have historically evolved with fire as a natural occurrence, climate change is exacerbating this and creating extreme conditions which cause the fires to spread further and last longer, or reach areas that would previously not be in a fire-prone zone. Furthermore, post-fire invasive species spread quickly, transforming former forests into less ecologically valuable or diverse brush land, and preventing more resilient native vegetation and trees from taking root.

That's where fire-smart reforestation is helpful in areas like this when the land is ready.


Mangrove Fast Facts: One of the World's Heartiest Trees

Can't choose whether you love forests or the ocean more? Then mangroves are definitely your kind of tree. They can be found in areas where coastlines meet land, with their roots often submerged in water. In addition to the typical benefits of most trees, mangroves also create habitats for marine life and protect against damage from storms and rising sea levels. And the best part? We're planting them! Get a sneak peek of some photos from our mangrove reforestation in Sundarbans while learning all about these amazing trees.


Last Chance to #BreatheForTrees!

Throughout the month of October we've encouraged you to share your #breathefortrees photo on Instagram or Twitter in order to plant a tree for free and raise awareness about how important trees are to clean air. You might take it for granted, but 9 out of 10 people around the world breathe polluted air.

We've received hundreds of photos from this community and can't wait to plant your trees. If you haven't posted your photo yet, now's the time! Just a few days left.


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