6 Italian Designed Clearwater Beach Garbage Cans Cost $1.6 Million


We have smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart watches… why not smart garbage cans? The Tampa Bay Times reports Clearwater spent $1.6 million on six trash bins for Clearwater Beach. Why so expensive? It’s an “underground refuse system” like one they have in Kissimmee. Typical trash receptacles fill up so quickly that they need to send employees out several times a day to service them so they’re giving this a try instead. The Italian trash cans look like normal ones you already see around the city. But once they fill up, the trash gets pushed into a storage space undeground. They use a crane to clean those out when sensors let them know it’s full.

Worth the money? The Times article writer spoke with Kissimmee’s sanitation superintendent Jody Kirkendall. Kissimmee was actually the first American city to give this new technology a try. She says it is working. She says it’s efficient and the downtown area looks better. Clearwater officials think this will actually SAVE the city money in the long run.


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