• Cruelty-Free / Vegan

  • All Natural & Organic

  • Naturally Antimicrobial

  • Plastic-Free & Biodegradable

  • Sustainably Farmed Bamboo

  • Soft Charcoal Infused Bristles

Now its ok to replace your toothbrush more often. No need to hang onto germ filled, splayed bristles on an old plastic toothbrush made from non-recyclable fossil fuels..

Dramatically increase your oral health while helping the environment!

Bamboo Brushes Sold



Trees Planted for you



Lbs of plastic waste prevented




We will plant one tree for every new customer as an additional way to give back and offset our carbon footprint.


OneTreePlanted.org: As an environmental charity, we are dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. All by planting trees!

Dr. D'Amico's Eco-Friendly Products proudly supports reforestation

Dr. D'Amicos Bamboo Toothbrush versus a pastic toothbrush

Pros & Cons for Dr. D'Amico's Bamboo Toothbrush

Long before modern plastic toothbrushes and toothpaste were developed, people would use cloth, salt, neem sticks, charcoal or chalk to clean their teeth. Since then, toothbrush technology has come a long way. With all technology though, it begins with good intentions and more times than not, ends in unforeseen negative results, such as plastic pollution and harmful chemicals.

Scientific rsearch showing wear and tear of nylon bristles

It is easy to google "How often should I replace my toothbrush"... How many people actually make it past the first couple results? Any article, which states the life span of a single toothbrush is "3-4 months or less", are only repeating the same arbitrary statement made by the same organization a long time ago without the justification of any true scientific test. Real scientific research shows time and time again that a calendar cannot clearly define the effectiveness of any toothbrush.

Research shows we do not replace our toothbrushes often enough

Our Bamboo Tooth Brushes and other Bamboo Products are hand made from Moso Bamboo. Both the body of the brush and the case are made from 100% solid bamboo. Moso Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and is perfectly safe to compost or even toss at any moment you wish. One very important feature our product has that most other brands do not, are the plant-based Charcoal Infused Bristles.

There are many misconceptions about the term "biodegradable.

Plastic Toothbrushes are not recyclable!

By volume, there is the same amount of plastic waste in our oceans from plastic toothbrushes as plastic bags. It's time to take the plastic-free path!


In just 45 years, our consumption rate of plastic bags has grown from almost zero decades ago to our now use of over 500,000,000,000 (that’s 500 billion) plastic bags annually … almost 1 million per minute. By 2030 we could have more plastic in our oceans than fish.

pastic toothbrush waste and plastic pollution
Carbon footprint illutration

Every plan developed by climate change experts to save the human existence, as well as the existence of whats left of our animal, plant and fish populations, all require the immediate removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


So far, the only thing we know that can do this are trees, but the process takes too long and we constantly cut way more down than we plant. This process is called wood-based biogenic sequestration through afforestation and reforestation.

We must all lower our Carbon Footprint to survive!

activated charcoal

Why rub charcoal on your teeth? It mostly just sounds gross.


Activated charcoal is actually not charcoal, even though it looks and obviously sounds like it. Activated Charcoal is typically made from coconut shells, bamboo, olive pits, and other plant based materials. The mixture is heated, which oxidizes and activates it. Hence, "Activated Charcoal". When this material is activated, it becomes much more porous, which makes it better able to capture and absorb plaque and bacteria, rather than just spreading it around.

The history and benefits of Activated Charcoal

Dr. D'Amico's Bamboo Toothbrush - Sustainable bamboo resource

Our Bamboo is 100% Hand-Grown Moso Bamboo. The largest and most widely spread of all the Bamboos. Moso can reach heights of almost 100 ft tall. No fertilizers or Pesticides are used in the cultivation or manufacturing of our products. The fields our bamboo come from have grown only bamboo for decades, so no new deforestation is required.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth!

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