A better toothbrushing plan for your family.

Fresh, eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes...delivered monthly.


Dr. D’Amico is changing the way people brush their teeth.

A Better Toothbrush

Created from natural, plentiful bamboo and activated charcoal, clean your teeth better, kill more germs, and protect the environment!

A Better Price

For less than the cost of store bought plastic toothbrushes, you can give your family a fresher, healthier oral care routine.

Delivered Monthly

Stop worrying about your family using old, germy toothbrushes or forgetting to buy them. Your new Dr. D'Amico's toothbrushes arrive each month.

Free Shipping   |   Satisfaction Guaranteed   |   Cancel Anytime

Very cool toothbrushes. Soft and easy to use. Got them for the whole family. Definitely a good buy, received them in only 3 days.


A Note from Dr. D'Amico

Sustainability and taking care of our planet is an important job to do, and it's up to all of us to do our part. Not only do our toothbrushes clean teeth better than traditional toothbrushes, they're biodegradable, all natural and organic, sustainably farmed and cruelty-free. We also plant a tree for every new customer, helping to take care of our planet for years to come. So, join me and say no to plastic! Embrace a better way to take care of your teeth and our environment.

Ready to Choose the Perfect Toothbrushes for Everyone in Your Family?

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Ready to raise your toothbrushing game and try them yourself?

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